viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Cover #6 - Germany - 05/11/2010

My friend Pete from the UK sent me this cover while he was visiting Germany. It has two nice stamps with different lighthouses in Germany: the first one is Neuwerk lighthouse, and the second one is Falshöft lighthouse.

Inside the cover there was this pamphlet about a theater play.

Thank you Pete!

Cover #5 - USA - 05/11/2010

Today I received this beautiful cover from the United States of America. My friend Larry sent me it with 3 stamps about lighthouses:
  • the first one in Maragorda Island, Texas.
  • the second one in Sabine Pass, Lousiana.
  • the third on in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Inside was the set of stamps about Gull Coast Lighthouses, including this three lighthouses and two more: Sand Island (Alabama) and Fort Jefferson (Florida). And two nice postcards, too, showing Willow Creek (the place where Larry lives) and Carsion Mansion.

Thank you Larry!

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Cover #4 - Argentina - 27/10/2010

My good friend Carlos from Santa Fe, Argentina, sent me this cover with two stamps. This stamps are part of the issue about the 2010 Portugal International Expo.

The first one shows Querandí's Lighthouse, located in Buenos Aires province, whereas the second one shows Santa María's Lighthouse, located in Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal.

Thank you Carlos!

sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

Cover #3 - Croatia - 23/10/2010

Thank you to my friend Josip from Croatia, that sent me this beautiful cover with three stamps about lighthouses: Tajer, Veli rat and Vir.

Inside the cover, it was this great postcard about the food and the wine from Croatia, and it shows a great landscape too. (I would like to taste the food, it must be delicious).

Thank you Josip!

domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

Cover #2 - Argentina - 06/09/2010

  • $ 0,75 Punta Delgada Lighthouse
Punta Delgada Lighthouse

It's a lighthouse located in Punta Delgada, at Península Valdez, Argentina.

The construction started in September 1904, under the supervision of the Section of Hidrography, Lighthouses and Markers of Argentina, and the direction of the Frigate Lieutenant Pablo Garcia and the Lighthouse Mechanic Guillermo Cray.

It's a conical tower, made of brick-red masonry, with a guerite and a household. This lighthouse is 14 meters high. Originally, it had a white light, a battery with two bronze tanks for compressed air and petrol, and a Barbier third order device.


Thanks Carlos

Cover #1 - France - 06/09/2010

  • 0,54 € Ar-Men Lighthouse
  • 0,54 € Grand Léjon Lighthouse

Ar-Men Lighthouse

It's a lighthouse at one end of the Chaussée de I'Îl de Sein, at the west end of Brittany, in France. It's one of the best known lighthouses because of its isolated situation

and the considerable difficulties its construction has presented, and the danger in evacuating its personnel. Considered as one of the most challenging workplaces by the community of lighthouse keepers, it has been named "The Hell of Hells"

The light was automated and electrified on 10 April 1990 with a 250 watt halogen lamp. Its signal is three white flashes every twenty seconds, with three an accompanying signal of three sounds every sixty seconds.

Grand Léjon Lighthouse

It's a lighthouse located in the sea, approximately 16,5 km from Saint-Quay-Portrieux in Côtes-d'Armor, in the south end of the plateau of Grand Léjon, France. It marks the entrance to the bay of Saint-Brieuc.

The construction of the lighthouse was divided in two stages. From 1859 to 1862, a first round of tapered masonry was erected to receive a fire. In 1879, the work of elevation was undertaken.On June 20, 1881, the fire was lit at the top of the turret now raised up to 23.40 m in height to bring the fire and house guards.

In 1888, a signal was installed because of a request of the sailors. Indeed, the signal light is ineffective in foggy weather. A hammer mechanism actuates by the swell outfitted the turret.


Thanks Daniel